Kendriya Vidyalaya NKJ Katni
केन्द्रीय विद्यालय एन के जे कटनी
Kendriya Vidyalaya NKJ Katni
Online Affiliated School Information System (OASIS) Report - KVNKJ KATNI
Published on 28th November 2016

Published on 28th March 2017

Published on 25th March 2017

Shortlisting of Candidates for Admission in Class I, Session 2017-18 is going on today 22/03/2017
Published on 22nd March 2017

The last date for Online Registration for Admission in Class I is extended by 5 days. The revised last date : 15 March 2017 04:00 PM
Published on 11th March 2017

Thinking Day was celebrated on 22/02/2017
Published on 25th February 2017

Published on 21st February 2017

Annual Academic Inspection is conducted on 08.02.2017.
Published on 8th February 2017

Admission Notice 2017-18
Published on 6th February 2017

68th Republic Day is Celebrating in the Vidyalaya
Published on 26th January 2017

Annual Sports day is Celebrating on today i.e. 21/01/2017
Published on 16th January 2017

Swami Vivekanand jayanti Celebrated on 12/01/2017 in Vidyalaya
Published on 12th January 2017

Maths week celebrating in vidyalaya from 14/12/16 to 22/12/16
Published on 20th December 2016

Quotation are invited for CCTV camera & others items(within 21 days)from interested firms/agencies. The details are attached in file
Published on 11th November 2016

Poster making competition under Vigilance Awareness Week
Published on 4th November 2016

Vigilance awareness pladge was taken by all the employees of the vidyalaya
Published on 3rd November 2016

2 days Scout Camp was organized in Vidyalaya from 01/10/2016 to 02/10/2016, 156 students were participated in the Camp.
Published on 3rd October 2016

Sanskrit Week was celebrated in the Vidyalaya from 16/08/2016 to 22/08/2016. Various programms such as story telling in Sanskrit, Sanskrit shloka recitation, Quiz on Sanskrit, esaay writing, Group song, Natya Manchan, etc. were organized in this occassion.
Published on 23rd August 2016

70th Independence day has been celebrated with great pump & show
Published on 15th August 2016

School level inter house quiz competition was conducted on 02/07/16
Published on 9th July 2016

International yog day was celebrated on 21/06/16
Published on 21st June 2016

Interview for the Contractual teachers for the session of 2016-17
Published on 27th February 2016

Vidyalaya is going to celebrating 67th Republic Day
Published on 26th January 2016

Constitution day is celebrating on 26/11/2015, Various programmed is organizing in Vidyalaya premises.
Published on 26th November 2015

Annual Panel Inspection of the vidyalaya was done by team of 6 members leaded by Dr. Murali Megada,AC KVS RO,Jabalpur on 19.11.2015
Published on 20th November 2015

Excursion will be organize on 07/11/2015
Published on 6th November 2015

Vidyalaya is going to conduct a PTA Meet on 06/11/2015 for secondary classes from VI to XII
Published on 4th November 2015

Unity Day was Celebrated on 31/10/2015 with run for unity.
Published on 31st October 2015

Autumn Break - 18/10/2015 to 27/10/2015
Published on 14th October 2015

PTA meeting will be organize on 13 Oct 2015 for Primary classes.
Published on 6th October 2015

Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated in Vidyalaya on 1 Oct 2015
Published on 1st October 2015

Honourable Dr.(Mrs.) V. Vijaylaxmi Joint Commissioner KVS HQ, along with DC KVS RO JABALPUR and AC KVS RO JABALPUR visited the Vidyalaya on 09/10/15
Published on 12th October 2015

Two days Scout & Guides program is going on KV NKJ KATNI From 15 OCT. TO 16 OCT. 2015 .
Published on 15th October 2015

Inviting tender for required these contents
Published on 30th September 2015
All are requested please download the attachment to know about tender contents

HINDI PAKHWADA is organizing in Vidyalaya campus.
Published on 14th September 2015

MS. H.K.Sanhotra, Deputy Commisioner, KVS RO Jabalpur, was visited the vidyalaya on 14/09/2015
Published on 14th September 2015

Mr. S.P.Singh, I/C Principal joined on 11/09/2015
Published on 11th September 2015

Independence day was celebrated in the Vidyalaya
Published on 15th August 2015
69th Independence day is celebrating in vidyalaya premises

PARENT TEACHER MEETING conducted on 13 Aug 2015
Published on 13th August 2015
Parents teachers meeting was conducted on 13/08/2015

Shri. B.N. MISHRA, I/C Principal & VICE PRINCIPAL of Vidyalaya retired on date 31.07.2015. A Farewell Party was organised by the staff members on the last working day (31.07.2015). Shri B.N. MISHRA rendered his 38 years service in KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA SANGATHAN.All staff members gave well wishes for his Retirement Life. A Lunch Party was hosted in his honour.
Published on 1st August 2015

Condolence for former president Dr. A.P.J.ABDUL KALAM
Published on 28th July 2015
condolence conducted by staff members of kvnkj katni

Digital India Week(01 July to 07 July) is getting celebrated in Vidyalaya.Various competitions are getting conducted in the Viadyalaya like slogan writing,essay writing etc.
Published on 1st July 2015

Click on KVS UBI ONLINE FEES to submit fees UBI KVS FEE
Published on 1st April 2015

Application for contractual Post 2015-16
Published on 2nd March 2015

Interview will be conducted on dated 09/03/2015 , 10/03/2015 & 12/03/2015 for Contractual teachers .
Published on 28th February 2015

Science Day is organized in Vidyalaya campus on 28/02/2015.
Published on 28th February 2015

Admission Open 2015-16 .
Published on 9th February 2015

Farewell party organised by the students of class XI in the Vidyalaya premises for Class XII students
Published on 21st February 2015

Published on 21st February 2015

Annual Academic Inspection 29/01/2014
Published on 29th January 2015

Republic Day has celebrated on Vidyalaya.
Published on 26th January 2015

Swami Vivekanand Jayanti was celebrated on date 12/01/2015 at Vidyalaya premises
Published on 12th January 2015

Mrs. Parul Dixit joined KV NKJ KATNI as Music Teacher on 12-01-2015
Published on 12th January 2015

Farewell Party is organized for Asha Walunjkar Madam on 18/12/2014
Published on 18th December 2014

Annual sport day is organized in Vidyalaya On 19/12/2014
Published on 18th December 2014

Maths Day is organized in Vidyalaya campus on 16/12/2014 to 20/12/2014
Published on 16th December 2014

Grand Parents day celebrated on 9-12-14 in vidyalaya .
Published on 9th December 2014

School Level PSA exam held on dated 20.11.2014
Published on 20th November 2014

Children s Day celebrated on 14/11/2014
Published on 14th November 2014

1. Fancy Dress Competition was presented by Primary Girls and Boys.Where All the Children presented himself to be as Fruits,Vegetables,Flowers,Sun,Police,Commando.... 2. Community Lunch -: All the student gathered in playground all having lunch together. 3. Handwash Days-:
Published on 15th November 2014

Science Exhibition conducted at Vidyalaya on 09 Oct 2012
Published on 21st October 2014

Ku. Shalini Singh class 10th has selected on National level Social Science Exhibition.
Published on 17th October 2014

Launch Swachchh Vidualaya Abhiyan on 25/09/2014
Published on 25th September 2014

Hindi pakhwada (14 sep to sep 28 ) was celebrated ,and various programme were conducted at vidyalaya campus .
Published on 27th September 2014

Teachers Day celebrated in Vidyalaya campus on 05/09/2014
Published on 5th September 2014

SA-I for 3 rd to 10 th / UT-II for 11th/Monthly Test for 12th is going on 17-9-14 to 27-9-14.
Published on 18th September 2014

Independence day was celebrated
Published on 15th August 2014

Tulsi Jayanti was celebrated on date 05/08/2014 at Vidyalaya premises
Published on 5th August 2014

Sh. SONE BHADRA MISHRA, SUB STAFF of Vidyalaya retired on date 31.07.2014. A Farewell Party was organised by the staff members on the last working day (31.07.2014). Shri SONE BHADRA MISHRA rendered his 33 years service in KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA SANGATHAN. Principal and the staff members gave well wishes for his Retirement Life. A Lunch Party was hosted in his honour.
Published on 31st July 2014

E-CTLT Vidyalaya level Training Programme was organized on 04/07/2014 and 05/07/2014
Published on 5th July 2014

E-CTLT Cluster level (Katni) Training Programme organized on 27/06/2014 and 28/06/2014
Published on 24th June 2014

Interview will be conducted on dated 27/6/2014 & 28/06/2014 for Contractual teachers
Published on 24th June 2014

Shri B.N. Mishra joined KV NKJ KATNI as Vice Princpal on 20/06/2014
Published on 20th June 2014

APPLICATION for Contractual Teachers 2014-15
Published on 21st June 2014

Monthly test going on for class 12th
Published on 25th April 2014

New Academic Session Start on date 01.04.2014
Published on 1st April 2014

Home Exam Result Declared on 28.03.2014
Published on 1st April 2014

Interview for contractual teachers scheduled to be held on 10/03/2014 and 11/03/2014 is postponed to later date due to Enforcement of Model code of conduct
Published on 7th March 2014

APPLICATION for Contractual Teachers 2014-15
Published on 4th March 2014

The Principal Mrs. Shruti Bhargava has been selected to the post of Assistant Commissioner and posted at KVS,RO,Mumbai.
Published on 1st March 2014

Scouts and Guide day celebrated
Published on 22nd February 2014

Admission Registration notice for class 1st 2014-15
Published on 10th February 2014

Retirement of Smt. Savitri Radhakrishnan
Published on 31st January 2014
Smt. Savitri Radhakrishnan retired from the post of H.M. on date 31.01.2014

Republic day celebrated on 26-01-2014
Published on 30th January 2014

KVS Regional Incentive Award For the year 2013
Published on 13th January 2014
Dr. R.C. Sharma PGT(Hindi) Was Awarded with KVS Regional incentive Award for the year 2013. Award was given on 11.01.2014 at KV no. 1 GCF Jabalpur

School Level PSA exam held on dated 08.01.2014
Published on 8th January 2014
School level PSA for Class IX & X conducted on 08/01/2014 at Vidyalaya Campus

Annual day celebration on dated 17/12/13
Published on 17th December 2013
Annual day was celebrated in Vidyalaya Premises, Various cultural programmes & prize distribution was organized on 17/12/2013.

Foundation Day celebration on dated 16/12/13
Published on 16th December 2013
Foundation Day was celebrated on 16/12/2013 in the vidyalaya.

Grand Parents day 5-12-2013
Published on 5th December 2013
Grand Parents day was celebrated on 5/12/2013 in school campus

Art & Craft Exhibition was organized on 16/11/13
Published on 16th November 2013

Children s Day celebrated on 14/11/2013
Published on 14th November 2013

Fancy Dress Competition organized in school campus
Published on 13th November 2013

Cluster level social Science Exhibition was organized on 08/10/2013
Published on 8th October 2013

Hindi Pakwada(14-Sept to 30 Sept) was celebrated. Various competition were organized in Vidyalaya premises.
Published on 30th September 2013

Sadbhavana Divas is celebrated in school campus
Published on 20th August 2013
Sadbhavana Divas was celebrated in school campus

Annual Inspection was done on 08/08/2013 by a team of 06 memebrs headed by Dr. D. Ojha, Ac KVS RO JABALPUR
Published on 8th August 2013

CCA- CMP Drawing Competition was organized on 06/07/2013
Published on 6th July 2013

CCA Activity - English News Reading comption has ogranized in school campaus
Published on 27th April 2013

Admission started from 08/02/2013 for all classes
Published on 8th February 2013

Mrs. Shruti Bhargava, Principal was joined the Vidyalaya on 01/01/2013
Published on 1st January 2013

Annual Day Programme will be Organized on date 20/12/2012 in the school campus
Published on 19th December 2012

Academic Supervision on 13/12/2012, By a team of 04 member headed by Ms. H.K. Sanhotra, DC KVS RO BHOPAL,Team members are Dr. S.N. Sharma, Assistant Commissioner KVS RO BHOPAL,Dr. S.P. Thakur, Principal KV No.1 Bhopal,Smt. Shraddha Jha, Principal KV Dhar
Published on 13th December 2012

Annual Sports Day celebrated on Vidyalaya Campus on 06/12/2012
Published on 6th December 2012

National Education Day was celebrated on Vidyalaya
Published on 17th November 2012
National Education Day was celebrated on Vidyalaya

Children Day celebreted on 17 Nov 2012 at school campus.On this day organized Fancy Dress compitition
Published on 17th November 2012
Children Day celebreted on 17 Nov 2012 at school campus.On this day organized Fancy Dress compitition

Grand parents Day on 22 Novemebr at Vidyalaya Campus
Published on 22nd November 2012
Grand parents Day on 22 Novemebr at Vidyalaya Campus

Science Exibition conducted at Vidyalaya on 09 Oct 2012
Published on 10th October 2012

Cluster Level Group Song Competition organized in Vidyalaya Campus on 07/11/2012.
Published on 7th November 2012

Sanskrit Shloka Vaachan, Program was organized on 06/10/2012 in Vidyalaya
Published on 6th October 2012

Gandhi Jayanti & Shashtri Jayanti celebrated in the Vidyalaya Premises on 03/10/2012 and various programes were organized.
Published on 3rd October 2012

Dr. K. Tiwari Vice Principal, KV NO.1 GCF JABALPUR is joined as I/C Principal on 27/09/2012 on deputation
Published on 27th September 2012

Dr. D. OJHA, AC KVS RO JABALPUR and Dr. K. Tiwari Vice Principal, KV NO.1GCF JABALPUR visited the Vidyalaya on 19/09/2012
Published on 19th September 2012

Teachers Day celebrated in Vidyalaya campus on 05/09/2012
Published on 5th September 2012

Paper Reading on the Great MAthematician Shrinivas Ramanujan and one Culture Program under Spic Macay were organized in Vidyalaya Premises on 01/09/2012
Published on 1st September 2012

Published on 16th August 2012
cotation of different items are as .

Published on 16th August 2012
Admission open for classes I to VIII in new sanction section.
Admission form-16/08/12 To 27/08/12
Admission process-28/08/12 To 31/08/12

Independance Day was celebrated on Vidyalaya. Various program were organized in Vidyalaya Premises
Published on 15th August 2012

First Term/Unit Test 1 Exam Will be started from 23/07/2012
Published on 12th July 2012

Opening ceremony of New Wing of the Vidyalaya building organized on 27 jun 2012. Mr. V.K. Shrivastava, Deputy Commissioner KVS RO Jabalpur was the Chief guest & P.S. Raghuvanshi Nominee Chairman was the Guest of Honour of the Program. VMC MEmebrs and other guest were also gave their importance presence in the function. Various cultural programs were organized in Vidyalaya Campus
Published on 27th June 2012
Opening ceremony of New Wing of the Vidyalaya Building organized on 27/06/2012

Mr. V.K. Shrivastava, Deputy Commissioner KVS RO Jabalpur visited the Vidyalaya on 09/05/2012
Published on 9th May 2012

Mathematics Quiz competition(Under CCA Program) was organized on 05/05/2012 at Vidyalaya Campus
Published on 5th May 2012

SESSION 2012-13 STARTED ON 1/04/2012
Published on 1st April 2012

Result for SEE 2011-12 (Class I to XI(Except Class X) ) will be decalred on 30/03/2012 at Vidyalaya Campus
Published on 22nd March 2012

Lottery for CLASS I admission for Session 2012-13 will be open on 23/03/2012. All the parents are co-ordially invited
Published on 22nd March 2012

Inetrviews for all post of Contractual teacher & Instructors are conducted on 16/03/2012 & 20/03/2012
Published on 20th March 2012

Shri R.R.S. Rathore, Principal - SUPER ANNUATION on 29 Feb 2012
Published on 29th February 2012

HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY, Today VIDYALAYA is celebrating Republic day
Published on 26th January 2012

UT III - CLASS XI and FA III for CLASSES III to X is going from 16/01/2012 to 21/01/2012
Published on 16th January 2012

Vidyalaya Celebrated KVS Foundation Day on 15 December 2011
Published on 15th December 2011

Childrens Day was celebrated on 14 November 2011 and various programmes was conducted at school campus
Published on 14th November 2011

Published on 21st October 2011

PANEL INSPECTION was done on 19/10/2011 by Shri Ranveer Singh AC KVS RO JABALPUR along with a team of three Principals of various Vidyalaya.
Published on 19th October 2011

Vidyalaya level Social Science Exhibition Conducted on 16/10/2011
Published on 16th October 2011

Prize Distributed for Hindi Pakhwara Programmes on 01/10/2011
Published on 1st October 2011

Science Exhibition at Vidyalaya level
Published on 27th August 2011
Today Science Exhibition is conducting in the Vidyalaya . 3 to 5 exhibits will be selected for Science Exhibition at Regional level.

Independence Day Celebration
Published on 16th August 2011
65th Independence Day celebrated in the Vidyalaya. Chairman Sh. Suman Kumar Tanti hoisted the tricolor. On this occasion, Nominee chairman and other officers also give their presence. Students presented various programmes on the stage.

Farewell for Chairman and Nominee Chairman
Published on 30th November 2000
Today farewell is given to Chairman and Nominee Chairman of VMC. Welcome of New chairman Sh. Suman Tanti Sr. DME Diesel

Notice for short listed candidates(PRTs & TGTs) Central Teacher Eligiblity Test for details click on link CTET
Published on 30th November 2000

Various Sports Activities from 19 to 21 Apr,2011 as per Calender
Published on 
Today team has been selected for Inter house competition for different events like volleyball, basketball, Bora race, 100m, 200m, 400m, 800 m race, relay race, Shot put and discus throw.

In Cluster Level Science exhibition, 4 out of 5 model selected for Regional Science Exhibiton.
Published on 23rd September 2013
In Cluster level Science exhibition held at KV Nowrojabad, 4 out of 5 model selected for Regional Science Exhibiton. Principal congratulates to all students and staff members associated with science exhibition.

Final Winner of Volleyball at cluster level
Published on 
KV NKJ Katni Volleyball team defeated KV OF Katni in final match. Four students of the Vidyalaya selected for Regional team